Tuesday, January 22, 2013

22 days

22 days...it's been 22 days since J has been home. Not a fan. Don't like it. Hate it. Miss him. My girls miss him. The dogs miss him. He is normally gone 8 days, I don't like that either but 22 days..blah. I know he misses us also, he sounds so sad when he calls in the mornign when he gets off and our phone calls before he goes in that night are mainly I love yous and I miss yous. I can't wait to be homes.
Then I feel super sad. I KNOW that we are lucky that he is working and has a great job. He can provide for us and I get to stay home with our girls. I LOVE that. I know he doesn't like being away from us, but I also know that he loves his job. He really likes doing what he does. More power to him, I've seen his work clothes. Eww. I've also smelled them, even more Eww.
For more than half of the year I am a single mom. He is not home everynight to help Kaity with her homework or to build Kynni's LaLaLoopsy house when it falls off the tree thing. The girls miss him like crazy. Kaity says at least 3 times a day that she wishes that Daddy would go back to work at Coke so he was home everynight to tuck her in. She remembers him being home everyday. Kynni doesn't know any different, and up until about a month ago it didnt seem to affect her. I think she is old enough now to know that daddy is not home. She cries for him everynight at bedtime, when she gets in trouble and several times randomly thru out the day. I tell her Daddy is at work, and she will say..Daddy wokin at da wig, come home soon. But then has such a sad look on her face.
As much as I know they miss him, I think I miss him more. I've slept on the couch for 21 days now...I tried sleeping in our bed last night, epic fail {and it didn't hlp that Kynni peed all over me}. So here I am back on the couch. My back hurts, and Ana {our, well my lab} takes up most of it! But no matter how hard I try I can't sleep in our bed, I miss him even more when I am in there. I think because his pillow smells like him and I have to sleep with it. We have been together for 11 1/2 years, and on May 17th we will have been married for 10 years!! Until May 15, 2006 we had only spent about 10 nights apart from each other. We started dating June 18, 2001, he moved in with me {and my parents} at the end of August. I KNEW from the first time I met him {way before June 18, 2001 BTW} that I loved him. He was going to join the marines, I said NO WAY move in with me...and he did. He really is amazing. Not a mean or ugly bone in his whole body. If he can do something for someone he will do it. I know he loves me unconditionly. He doesn't mind me going on and on about Christian Grey, Edward Cullen...or Ian Somerhaulder and Channing Tatum for that matter.
He doesn't mind that I spend way too much money on fabric, ribbon, clothes for the girls, shoes for the girls, Monster High dolls, My Little Ponies and now beads. He doesn't mind that keeping the house SPOTLESS is not high on my to do list. When he is home I just want to be with him. We lay on the couch watching hours and hours of DVR and movies, and are happy. I rub his back and then he conveniently falls asleep before he can rub mine, and I don't even care, because he is there to hold me. I don't mind that when he is home he holds me so tight that I can't move. We still hold hands all the time, he tells me he loves me when we are grocery shopping, I tell him I adore him at dinner. He takes my breath away.
He misses holidays {so far he has worked EVERY major holiday for the past 6 years, he got to come home Christmas day this year, but that was a HUGE surprise!}, he misses birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, funerals...you name it I'm sure he has missed it. We are used to early and late birthday parties.
We find out hopefully tomorrow if his transfer paper work is done, if it is {or is done before NEXT Wednesday} he will get to work MUCH MUCH closer to home. Be HOME most nights, well days I guess..he works nights. Do you know how AMAZING that will be? I can hardly stand it, and if things don't work out I will be crushed. But we will live...just like we have for the past 6 1/2 years...but our lives will be spit by 2 weeks, and not 1 week. He will go to work for 2 weeks and come home for 2 weeks. I certainly hope and pray things work out and he is transfered to a more local rig.
I am so lucky that I have Kaity & Kynni to keep me company all day and night. That I have Shawnna and Marissa to come over and have Magic Mike Monday Bow night {and give me some MUCH needed Mommy time..and naked Channing Tatum time} My dad, step mom{ish} and Memal to help me out when I need it. I love you all. I couldn't do it without you!
GoodNight! I am going to TRY to sleep a few hours before I have to get Kaity up and ready for another school week!

Monday, January 14, 2013

I'll borrow Marissa's speech

Well...Marissa must know I can't turn question-ey things down, AND there is an award in the mix. YES. I'M. IN.
What is the Liebster Award? Here are the Rules!:

This award is given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers...the award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word and support one another.

1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. No tag backs.
My 11 Random Facts:
1) I LOVE socks....warm socks, fuzzy socks, tall socks, short socks, animal pint socks...all socks. BUT I HATE wearing socks with shoes? Yea, I dont get it either
2) My DVR should have blown up by now. I DVR a million things a day, maybe not a million but a good 10-15 things!

3) I HATE when people leave 'G' off of words in their facebook status' Examples: eatin, sleepin, goin, talkin', doin, drinkin'  OMG so annoninG.

4) After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I am obssessed with reading other BDSM books. If someone found my kindle and looked in my book tab they would certainly think I was a pervert.
5) I dont sleep much. I need about 3 hours and I'm ood to go.

6) I have a vampire obsession. The Vampire diaries, Twilight, True Blood, The Black Dagger Brotherhood {books}, Givonni {another book} Intrview with the Vampire...I love them all.
7) My room is NEVER clean. Never ever. I dont ever make it that far on cleaning day.
8) 90% of movies can make me cry in some way..and I KEEP watching them.
9) I watched 4 seasons of the ShowTime series Dexter in 3 days.

10) I am a single mom half of the year, even thou I have been married for almost 10 years.
11) Johnny and I never fight. In 12 years we have had maybe 3 fights. We are lovers not fighters ;)

My 11 questions from Marissa
1) Can you name three blogs that you regularly read?
2) Are you brand-loyal to any product?
Bath and Body Works shower gel. I buy about 10 at time so I never run out. If they are having a sale..maybe 20 bottles. oh and COACH perfume.
3) Do you think of yourself as a leader or a follower?
Depends on the situation I guess. A little of both?
4) Given the chance, what would you go back and change in your past?
Nothing really comes to mind. In high school I didn't always make the BEST choices, but I had FUN, maybe a little too much fun on the weekends. But fun never the less! I might have taken that time to build a better relationship with my mom.
5) If you only had one last meal, what would it be?
Johnny's homemade chicken strips with my homemade ranch :) AMAZING.
6) Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, or tummy sleeper?
Tummy sleeper..unless Johnny is home, then he holds me and I'm a side sleeper :)

7) What was the reason for the last time you cried?
It was today actually. Not my highest point. The girls were being crazy monsters, the refigerator started leaking, I didn't get anything done around the house that I wanted to and I realied that Johnny will be gone for 17 more days. I MISS him so much. I can barely call him or talk to him because I want to cry. Don't get me wrong, I CAN do this mom/wif thing while he is gone...but he is usually gone 7 days, NOT 28. It sucks.

8) Favorite movie?
This is HARD. I have sveral. Here are my top 5 in NO order:
Dirty Dancing
Twilight {all 5...that counts as 1 right?}
21 Jump Street
Super Bad
Interview with a Vampire
I think that Magic Mike should be mentioned as runner up because let's face it. AMAZING.

9) If the summary of your life had a theme song, what would it be?
Gosh....IDK. Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band maybe. For several reasons...the song it self talks about a guy that loves his SO like crazy...that applies, he lves me and my crazy. The video shows a girl in a crazy house, I certainly think I belong there on certain days! That was a hard oe Marissa!!

10) What are you wearing right now?
My uber sexy black/grey flannel pj pants and a Patterson UTI shirt with a zebra sock and a cheetah sock. Kaity doesnt wear matching socks, we usually end up sharing socks, and I just dont have time to match all 23094809238429384080239 pairs we have :)
11) Favorite TV series?
Again in no special order:
True Blood
Vampire Diaries
Pretty Little Liars
Impractical Jokers

My nominees:

I'll get back to this!

My 11 Questions for my Nominees:

1) Are you where you thought you would be at in life 5 years ago?

2) What is your all time favorite way to spend a Satuday?

3) If you could be any fictional charecter from a book or movie who would you be?

4) What is something about you that most peple don't know?

5) What is your favorite food?

6) If money was no question, where would you go on vacation?

7) Do you beleive in ghosts?

8) What is your favorite song?

9) What is one thing that you HATE doing?

10) What is your ideal date?

11) Who is your best friend, and why?


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marissa Stinks

So Marissa stinks..as  stated in my title...she restarted her blog, which means I think I need to restart mine. Great. lol Just joking, I honestly just got burned out being "online". I DID keep up facebook, but that is about it. Truth is I took a lot of 2012 off. I went from doing 840+ orders with my business to maybe 20. I NEEDED that break. I REALLY NEEDED that break. Now I feel better and I'm ready to get back to work! I can say that I missed sewing.

Well I had some cute pictures to put up...BUT...it doesn't look like blogger is going to let me, not sure why. Heck it might be the dinosaur of a laptop that I am using. BTW I can't wait to get a new computer, BUT..you would be glad to know that I am opting for a new Treadmill. Gawd. Makes me cringe, but guess who will be Frio River ready this summer? According my myfitnesspal.com I will be at my goal weight by July 3rd, so no vacay until then. ha. But you all know that as soon as I start dropping this baby weight, there will be a new baby. lol That is my luck. Remember when I lost 50 lbs...we we're blessed to find out we were expcting Miss. Kyndall. Poof. Fifty pounds right back on. This time I am determined and ready to lose this weight. It's been a long 10 years with it, time to pack their saddlebags and leave. I am eating right, lots of veggies, fruit and turkey. Friday I plan on joining a gym  about with my cousin Carla, because she is awesome and we are going to rock the skinny!

Please go check out Marissa's blog..click on her name up there and follow her...not in  weird stalker way, I mean follow her blog. She is pretty awesome, and you can read about her unusual use for nipple soothing cream :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I need a nap! I can't go to sleep early...way too much to do..but a nap would be GREAT! Today is Tuesday...and payday! Yea...until you pay all the bills : |    At least the are all paid! I HATE that Johnny gets paid the SAME day he goes to work for the week..stupid! We got up at 6am got Kaity up and ready for school and her STAAR test! {She went to sleep at 9pm....WAY SUPER EARLY for her!} Got her to school,  came home got some laundry started for J to take to work, then cleaned out the car, picked up the house some more, went to Bastrop and looked at DOGS :) We fell in love with a chocolate lab, but he was a little too hyper for little Kyndi, and then there was a smaller chocolate lab that we loved, but she doesnt get along with other girls doggies...so she was out. We found a few more but we are going to wait and go next weekend and take Maggie so we KNOW they will get along! After that we went to Wal-Mart...YUCK...spent too much money {as usual}..but I did get a super awesome clothes rack for the sewing room that I am pretty excited about. {oh, and a new mop}  Then we went to pick Kaity up from Aunt Kay's house and found out that she fell ASLEEP during the test! Ugg. Oh course the night that she gets some GOOD sleep she is tired all day! She gets that from me! The more sleep I get the more tired I am the next day! Anyways...then we came home to get Daddy ready to leave for the week :(

 Kaity Planting her flowers :)
 She for sure got her green thumb from her Nana!
 Kyndall wanted to help too!
 Even Maggie had a good afternoon outside :)
 She thinks this is funny....
 Then Draculaura stole my chair!
 This is why I don't usually let Daddy approve her school clothes :/  Should have checked this morning!!
Bye daddy! :(

Now it's time to get the girls dinner done and I have a sewing room to finish cleaning!!! 
Happy Birthday MiMi!
Sunday {April 22nd}

We went to the Kovar picnic on Sunday for MiMi's  :)rd birthday! It was super good food! The girls had a BLAST running around also.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As I sit at the table saying over and over..PLEASE go to bed...please lay down...please stop jumping on the couch...STOP sitting on the cat...get in YOUR own bed...I am THANKFUL. I know that there are thousands of parents that would LOVE to be able to tell their children all of those things! I am sitting at the table making a BIG BOW for a little girl names Avery {Learn about precious Avery HERE} She is 5 months old and has recently learned that she has something called SMA, she is a very funny little girl, and VERY smart...she must be to write her own blog :)   To wear a BIG bow was on her Bucket List, and well that is something I CAN help her with :) 

Here is Avery's Bow...and I went ahead and made a dress too :)

I also am THANKFUL for my husband! As I know that there are also many wives that would love to be sitting annoyed that their children are STILL up because they are waiting on their daddy to come home {please HURRY 10:30!} I cannot imagine anything ever happening to him! In June we will have been together for 11 years, and in May married for 9! NOT many people that marry as young as we did {18 and 23} will make it that long! But we are very much still in love, more so than almost 11 years ago I would even say. Don't get me wrong, we are not perfect. But on a scale of 1 - 10, I'd give us a STRONG 7..maybe 8...yes lets' go with an 8! If I liked to put up laundry and he liked to get up before noon...it might even be a 9 :) 

Well I guess it's about time that I made an online blog! I LOVE reading so many blogs and always lose them and spend hours looking for them when I accidentally turn off the computer! I think it is an amazing way to keep track of everyday happenings that we might other wise forget! I keep looking at the girls and I cannot believe that they are going to be 10 and 3 this year! That is almost as hard to believe as me and J being together almost 11 years! I am too young to be this OLD!  This might also be where I eventually start selling things from Pretty Stitches again. Who knows, I needed a break from selling online! I mailed out over 1200 order in about 18 months! I am selling thru Pickett Fence now and loving being about to make what I want to for a little bit! 

4:46am..I should be sleeping, but here I am! Deciding that I need to make a blog and watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding {for the 1290830th time!} ! lol Kaity is passed out ACROSS my whole bed, Kyndi is alseep by me on the couch with the cat and dog laying on her! J SHOULD be home by now, but he has a class in Odessa in the morning, so he wont be home until tomorrow night or Thursday morning :/   I miss him, it's been a LONG week! I am ready for him to be home!